What Are Fillings?

One of the most common dental treatments, fillings provide a way to restore a tooth that has been damaged by dental decay. They can also prevent further decay to the area.

Types of Filling

There are two types of filling material, each with its own advantages. Your dentist will talk through with you which of these are more suitable for you, depending on the area that needs to be filled.

Composite fillings offer patients numerous benefits, including:

  • cosmetics – composite comes in various different colours and can be matched to individual tooth shade
  • minimally invasive – only the disease-affected area of the tooth needs to be treated
  • time saving – can be placed in one appointment
  • affordability

Amalgam fillings were previously the most common choice of filling material but as dentistry has evolved they are now uncommonly used by dentists. They are not as aesthetically appealing as other filling materials, and for this reason some people may opt to change their amalgam fillings for composite fillings. Additionally, amalgam fillings are so strong that the natural flexion of the tooth around the filling can lead to cracks in the tooth. Our Happy Smiles Practices don’t use amalgam as a choice of filling material.

How to Care for Fillings

Caring for fillings requires you to maintain your dental care routine, both with regular dental appointments and brushing and flossing every day. Fillings do degrade over time and eventually will need to be replaced.